Business Developers

If your business operates in the manufacturing, healthcare or retail industry and you want to get higher profit margins by reducing your operating costs, we have the solution ready for you.

About Materials Management

Materials Management In May 2013 we have merged with Materials Management Ltd to create our business unit Materials Management and now we can offer directly to our customers effective and low-cost Business Intelligence solutions.

We are able to timely and efficiently handle the specific needs of the individual customer, directing him towards solutions specifically studied for his requirements.

Our computational platform can be easily customized to produce useful reports that you can visualize on your spreadsheet/dashboard. This is an invaluable help for you to take the right decisions and run a more profitable business.

What You Can Get

Netdiz - Inventory Management

With our Business Intelligence services you can:

  • Forecast your sales and materials provisioning with high accuracy
  • Minimize your order processing costs
  • Improve your manufacturing processes
  • Optimize and reduce the costs of your inventory
  • Optimize your inventory turnover rate
  • And more…

Why Us

Why Materials Management

Our Business Intelligence platform has many advantages over our competitors:

  • Lower costs; you pay only for the results
  • Fastest results
  • High scalability
  • Easy integration into your ERP/IT system; we do the job for you
  • No third-party software and no software licenses required
  • No extra-hardware required and no hardware maintainance.